Is it a plane? Is it a tram? It’s the best of both, actually. It’s fast, it’s comfortable, it’s good for the environment and there’s free internet. It’s a tram turned into a plane by the young makers of Urban Crafts.

A few months ago, Hello bank! invited Urban Crafts to “do something crazy with the coastal tram”.

As we all know out of experience, putting creative youngsters together means fireworks. Sixteen motivated crafters assembled at Lakeside Paradise (Thanks, guys) for a whole weekend, keeping the battle cry work hard, play hard in mind.


The crafters had, as we expected, tons of ideas for the coastal tram, and eventually – in consultation with Hello bank! and LijnCom – this one concept was withheld.  Who wouldn’t remember a luxurious travel experience, where you can surf online out of comfortable air plane seats?


Finally, a group of crafters turned the trams upside down, dressing the seats, changing the outside into a plane using stickers, leaving flyers with safety instructions and installing miniature scenes to surprise travellers.

The concept was presented during a press conference on 19/06 by Hello bank!, De Lijn, LijnCom and Flemish Minister for mobility Ben Weyts. You can read the press release and download pictures following this link, and watch some video footage below.