Co-creation is a powerful tool! Gather creative minds in a room , offer them a project and you see magichappening. Each of our crafters have unique skills, different passions for design, woodworking, electronics and audiovisual art. These different, rich profiles have limitless creative potential. Once again, we have proof ! Such encounters spark different approaches or point of views which power innovation.

On a sunny summer day we gathered our crafters in the Co.Station Brussels.Alexander Stragier – winner of the 2015 Urban Crafts Award and designer of visual installations – kicked off the day with an inspiring lecture on his career and his craft. Then, we offered our crafters different co-creation project opportunities:

  • The co-development of new wool-based product applications for the company LANADO
  • The co-development of a GUERRILLA MARKETING concept for MAKER CITY GENT;
  • Ideation of an installation for Design September which has taken place on 24 & 25 September 2016 at the CO-STATION Brussels.

After this day of reflection, crafters presented their ideas to other group members. Amongst the fantastic ideas we took note of a portable wool-based pram-cover, a felt cover project, an underground tunnel that breathes, a customizable photobooth …
Some of these ideas were picked up by the sponsors, which means you will be able to discover them at future events.