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Urban Crafts (TV) is a concept of Trendwolves NV. Anyone older than 16 years and residing in Belgium can participate in the Urban Crafts competition and can submit his or her candidacy. This can happen up to Sunday, 30 August 2016 at 12:00 at the latest.  A third party may also nominate an Urban Crafts (wo)man. However, the candidacy is only valid when the nominee accepts the nomination.

The organizers of Urban Crafts make the selection of the candidates submitted. The selected crafter makes time available to submit a report about him/her available on the Urban Crafts website with an associated video portrait and a photo shoot. By participating in the competition, the selected crafter waives the property and publication rights to the images and content of the video reports. These become the property of the organization behind Urban Crafts.

The video reports may, now and in future be used in unchanged format by the crafters for own promotion. The participants, through their participation, also agree that Trendwolves NV may use their candidacy and video portrait for further promotional purposes within Urban Crafts.

The 32 crafters are known and will be on the website on Friday 14 October 2016. The crafters have until 12 December 2016 (12 am) to collect 400 votes. Each crafter with 400 votes goes through to the finals. The jury also selects 2 crafters to proceed to the finals as wildcards. A jury will select the eventual winner, the crafter ‘16, on Tuesday, 13 December 2016. All finalists will appear before the jury to present their respective crafts. The composition of the jury will only be announced during the week of awards on 15 December 2016.



Urban Crafts may gather all information that it deems necessary for organizing the competition and awarding the prizes. This data will be processed in a file of which Trendwolves NV is the holder. The data is stored by Trendwolves NV, among others, with the purpose of commercial promotions. By participating in the competition, each participant acknowledges that he/she had been informed by Trendwolves NV of the gathering of the data and the use that could be made of that. Everyone is entitled to receive the data concerning him/her free of charge, to rectify incorrect information, provided an application is submitted to Trendwolves NV, Urban Crafts by registered mail. The Privacy Protection Act should be observed.




From the time that the identity of winner has been established, Hello bank! relinquishes all responsibility with regard to the prize, irrespective of who bears the eventual shipping costs or transportation costs. Hello bank! does not make or grant the guaranty with regards to the prize. Trendwolves NV cannot be held liable for any eventual accidents or damage (in)directly caused by a prize that was won. The prize can only be awarded to the winner and is therefore not transferable. A prize is indivisible and should be accepted as it is awarded. The prize can also never be relinquished or exchanged for a sum of money. V.A.T. and/or any additional taxes is/are for the account of the winner. Any attempted fraud will be punished by the immediate expulsion of the participant. Printing, spelling, misprints and other similar errors cannot be invoked as grounds for any obligation on the part of Trendwolves NV.



The terms and conditions of the competition

For questions about the competition as such, the participant can contact with the understanding that competition queries may never be dealt with telephonically. The terms and conditions of the competition are available to anyone who submits a fully stamped and self-addressed envelop to Trendwolves NV, Urban Crafts, Sassevaartstraat 46/402, 9000 Gent, by the latest before the final date of the competition concerned. Trendwolves NV, Urban Crafts can, at any time, effect amendments to the terms and conditions of the competition. All disputes, subject to forfeiture, should be submitted to Trendwolves NV, within eight days of the dispute having arisen or could reasonably have been established, in writing and there is no appeal against Trendwolves NV’s decisions. Participation in the competition presumes the participant’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of the competition.