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Emilie Thirion

Fashion Design

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Emilie Thirion graduated in Fashion Design as a Model and Pattern Maker in 2015. She always had an interest for art and design; as a teenager she was especially fond of music and architecture. She quickly chose to focus on menswear which seemed to be full of potential to shape the future of fashion in the way she sees it : as a wearable form of art that holds an emotion.

Her collections – which are always inspired by one of her personal heroes – illustrate the love and interest she has for the person she dresses.  Emilie always pushes her limits, step by step, trying to improve her skills. She integrates real craftsmanship  – such as embroidery, artisanal serigraphy, weaving, knitting,… – in every garment she creates.  Whether people look or wear her collections, she wants to move them as much as she is when she listens to her favourite music, or when she stands in front of one of her favourite architectural works.

All of her designs are handmade with love by herself, from the first idea to the final product.