Urban Crafts is a platform for young creative makers, that has successfully evolved within an interactive network of 180 crafters.

Founded in 2010 by Trendwolves, Urban Crafts selects creative people that practice their craft in a contemporary manner and with passion.




These young makers are given the support they need to learn how to profile themselves in videos, photos, in events and in workshops. There is an effective balance between online communication and physical contact with Urban Crafts providing the opportunities to meet on networking events and during co-creation projects.



IMG_0679 Jasper leonard    IMG_0757 Jasper leonard

Next to the crafters, Urban Crafts is also a network of enthusiasts, people who are interested to follow the every move of the maker culture in Belgium.


Hello bank! 

Innovation and co-creation are the two core values that link Hello bank! and Urban Crafts. Hello bank! believes that users know better than anyone else the answers to their needs. Not only does the collaboration between Urban Crafts and Hello bank! give them a voice, it also empowers them to allow them to accomplish their own projects.