Design September

On the occasion of Design September, Urban Crafts invites the public to get acquainted with the 32 finalists of this… Read article

Join Urban Crafts 2016

Join Urban Crafts 2016

Awards 2015: the winner

Alexander Stragier, a 20-year old interactive video-and audiovisual artist, is the winner the Urban Craft Award 2015. With this price,… Read article

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What is Urban Crafts?

Urban Crafts brings young makers together in order to allow the exchange of skills, experience and to stimulate co-creation. Every Year, Urban Crafts selects a group of crafters in Belgium. After five years, we expanded our network with 180 crafters.

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To reward excellence, creativity, technical ability and to give support to the crafters demonstrating most potential to develop craft based… Read article

Crafter meeting

Crafter meeting