And the winner is ...

Alexander Stragier, a 20-year old interactive video-and audiovisual artist, is the winner the Urban Craft Award 2015. With this price,… Read article

From tram to plane

From tram to plane

Urban Crafts Awardshow 2015

Are you ready to party? We are proud to officially announce the date of the Urban Crafts Awards 2015. Clear… Read article

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Urban Crafts is looking for young makers

Join Urban Crafts as a passionate young maker! Be creative and participate in a journey filled with networking events, co-creation projects, craftsmanship, innovation and challenges.

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What is Urban Crafts ?

Urban Crafts is a platform for young creative makers, that has successfully evolved within an interactive network. Founded in 2010 by… Read article

Crafter meeting

Crafter meeting